I was driving east on Santa Monica Blvd. yesterday afternoon when I heard a siren coming my way. Like any good citizen I pulled right over and waited for the white-and-red ambulance truck to pass by. Less than a split-second later this silver convertible roared right out into traffic, taking advantage of my having pulled over to the side to pass me. A real hot-dog dick move.

I’m guessing that the driver probably thought the following: “Aaah, shit…an ambulance. You know what? I’m only going to half pull-over and do a California stop. Why should I pull over and wait like everyone else? I’m young, I’m in love, I’ve got things to do and places to see, and I can also take that guy in front of me in the bargain. Plus my girl’s in the car and I don’t want to show too much obeisance before the power of the law.”