A film will almost certainly be made out of “Hannibal Rising” (Delacourte Press), Thomas Harris‘s new Hannibal Lecter book that’s due on 12.5, but Anthony Hopkins can forget it. It’s strictly a young Hannibal thing that covers ages 6 through 20. Meaning two or three actors, right?

“Close readers of Mr. Harris√ɬ¢√¢‚Äö¬¨√¢‚Äû¬¢s previous novels, which also include ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ and ‘Red Dragon,’ may recall that Dr. Lecter saw his entire family killed during World War II in Eastern Europe,” Motoko Rich recalls in this New York Times story. “The new novel will shed more light on the circumstances of those deaths, with a focus on Dr. Lecter’s memories of his younger sister, Mischa.”