Games, DHS goons, screams, smoke, street theatre. Tackled woman protestor: “Get the fuck offa me!” Goon tackler: “Fuckin’ coward!”…Trump’s storm troopers have provoked and the demonstrators have played right along. And to what end? Trump has simply collected good material for campaign ads.

Obviously the anonymous Department of Home Security goons have inflamed things, and yet street lefties in Portland and Seattle appear to be doing everything they can to persuade those who might otherwise vote for Joe Biden to hold their noses and, hating themselves, vote for The Beast. People will sympathize with political disturbances for a week or two, but they’re generally spooked by violent disorder, and are now sick of this repetitive crap and just want it to end already.

Remove the goons and it’ll all taper off. But of course, Trump and Attorney General William Barr want this horseshit to continue so the goons stay.

Favorite clip: Protestor peeing on a lamppost.