Don Lemon: “There seems to be this idea that Joe Biden is the strongest candidate [who could] beat Donald Trump. But you actually look at past Democratic candidates who won…Bill Clinton was a fresh face [in ’92]. Barack Obama was a fresh different face. Al Gore, who had been in office a long time, did not win. John Kerry did not win as well. What do you think about this idea that it has to be an older white male who can beat Donald Trump?”

Pete Buttigieg: “The pattern you’ve just described shows that possibly the riskiest thing we could do is to try and play it safe in that way. Think about this. My home state of Indiana went blue once in the last 50 years. And it wasn’t for Bill Clinton or John Kerry or Jimmy Carter. It was for Barack Obama. Now, if we were sitting here in late June of 2007 and saying ‘let’s find somebody so electable, so palatable, so easy for swing voters to get comfortable with that [candidate X] could even carry Indiana for Democrats.’ I’m not sure that a lot of people would have said the name of Barack Obama. But we was able to move people and inspire people.”