I ran into Stuber costar Kumail Nanjiani (accompanied by wife and Big Sick co-writer Emily Gordon) at last Monday’s Midsommar screening. As an ice-breaker I said I was somewhat depressed by a story Nanjiani shared with N.Y. Times “Carpetbagger” Kyle Buchanan, the one about a friend casually proving that 20somethings don’t watch movies as a rule, and at best incidentally.

We’d last spoken at a Santa Barbara Film Festival party, although neither of us could remember that particular detail at the moment. Nanjiani is cool, casual, unpretentious. HE hereby conveys a stamp of “bruh” approval.

Stuber screens in Century City on Tuesday night. Excerpt from Peter Debruge’s 3.14 SXSW review: “One other detail that differentiates Stuber from your average action comedy: The movie embraces the real-world physics of gunplay, car crashes, and hand-to-hand combat –— obviously bent for both dramatic and comedic effect. People die, often and quite brutally, while the characters attempt to pull off tricks they’ve seen in other action movies, but frequently with far different results.”