Let me get this straight: Last July Lee Cowan, a national correspondent and substitute anchor for CBS Sunday Morning, sat down with Woody Allen for some kind of in-depth interview. The discussion presumably included the 1992 Dylan Farrow sexual abuse allegation. And then Cowan and CBS Sunday Morning “sat” on the Allen interview for seven or eight months.

And now it’s airing on Sunday, 3.28 (i.e., tomorrow) on Paramount Plus “as part of a broader CBS Sunday Morning package,” according to Variety‘s Brian Steinberg.

In short, Allen will say whatever but won’t be commenting on the content of HBO’s Allen v. Farrow, which has only just aired. May I ask “why the hell not”? Allen has explained his side of things quite thoroughly (particularly in “Apropos of Nothing“, which came out last March), but how is it comprehensive to run an interview that’s almost eight months old when the recently premiered Allen v. Farrow is one everyone’s mind right now?

CBS is claiming that the interview “represents Allen’s first in-depth television interview in nearly three decades.”