Angie Dickinson: Who knows more about movie cameras? You or me?
Dean Martin: Maybe you.
Angie: Ever directed anything?
Dean: Nope.
Angie: How do you adjust the focus?
Dean: Beats me.
Angie: Is it this little wheel doo-dad?
Dean: Hey, how come you’re dressed like Cyd Charisse in a Fred Astaire movie?
Angie: Gee, Dean, I dunno.

Dean: Because ya got great gams?
Angie: Howard told me to wear tights.
Dean: Can you dance?
Angie: Not like Cyd Charisse.
Dean: So what’s this movie about anyway? Besides me playin’ a drunk and Duke and I facin’ down the bad guys every so often? And singin’ a couple of songs with Ricky Nelson?
Angie: It’s Howard’s answer to High Noon.
Dean: He told me it’s a hang-out movie.
Angie: Yeah?
Dean: Yeah.
Angie: What’s a hang-out movie?
Dean: One that kinda ambles along.