Two days ago a Vanity Fair-sponsored discussion between J.J. Abrams and Brian Grazer was posted. (Chief Apple designer Jony “who?” Ive also took part.) The two Abrams statements that have popped since the video appeared are, of course, about Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. One, Abrams has final cut (“Yeah, yeah”) and two, Disney honchos Bob Iger and Alan Horn are “not trying to Disney-fy it” — i.e., soften it into an upbeat family thing with sparkly pixie dust.

The second statement obviously implies that there are aspects in a recent cut of The Force Awakens that could, theoretically, be Disneyfied. Aspects that a senior Disney executive with a robotic longing for tidy, conservative, audience-friendly vibes could have a problem with. This indicates that Awakens might have elements and currents that are Empire Strikes Back-ish. Maybe. In a more perfect world. Or in the one we’re living in. Who knows?

I am down on my knees with my eyes moist and hands clasped, and with a slight crack in my voice: “Please, please have the courage to deliver something heavyish and whoa-level in the second or third act of this thing. Please be worthy of the tradition established (and then quickly abandoned by George Lucas with 1983’s Return of the Jedi) by The Empire Strikes Back. Have fun and be cool, but please don’t be afraid of the way life can sometimes go in any realm. You guys know exactly what I mean. The farther this movie stays clear of Jupiter Ascending, the better. And the closer it gets, the worse for all of us. Please, God…remind us that every so often your benevolence can be real.”