The only Oscar wins I’m 100% solid on are Alfonso Cuaron as Best Director, Rami Malek as Best Actor, Glenn Close as Best Actress, Mahershala Ali as Best Supporting Actor, Regina King as Best Supporting Actress and BlacKkKlansman for Best Adapted Screenplay.

If Roma wins the Best Picture Oscar, fine — quality-wise it occupies the highest rung. But I’ve been predicting Green Book to win for a few weeks now. I’m just presuming that deep down Academy members will vote for the film that they actually like the best, as weird as that may sound in the present political climate. I’ve heard so many say that they found it boring or slow, that the first half is about Yalitza Aparcio sweeping and mopping up, or that they resent the Netflix factor. If it wins, all hail in-house Netflix award-season maestro Lisa Taback. If it doesn’t, there’s always The Irishman next year.