Lawrence Tierney: “I’ll tell you what the primary impression is. The primary impression is how fucking young everyone looks. Buscemi, around 34 at the time, looks like he’s 24, at most. Okay, 25 or 26. Tarantino and Roth, 28 and 30 at the time, could be 22 or 23. I was 72 at the time — I’m fucking dead now — but even I looked pretty good. For an old guy, I mean.”

Anecdote #1: “I attended the Reservoir Dogs after-party at the Majestic Hotel in May 1992 — I was filing for Entertainment Weekly at the time.” Anecdote #2: “I was walking along Blvd. St. Germain with a girlfriend around…I forget but it was probably around ’04 or ’05. Something like that. And suddenly there was Tim Roth at a sidewalk cafe with a lady friend. I’d met him once or twice so I said hello, got into some verbal ping-pong. My girlfriend didn’t know Roth — not a crime in itself — but made the mistake of asking him who he was. Roth’s face darkened. The vibe turned sour. Never ask anyone who they are. It’s better just to smile and say ‘hey’.”