Did you know there are millions of women out there who live and think locally, who are mainly interested in getting a spread of butter on their bread, and who don’t give that much of a damn about gender politics? How many millions of women have supported unregenerate bad guys (Donald Trump, Brett Kavanaugh, Ron DaSantis, Brian Kemp) in recent elections? And why?

Could it be because they’re cowed, mule-stubborn, under-educated, racist or just flat-out stupid? Like their dumbshit boyfriends or husbands, they’d rather push back against coastal liberals and multiculturals than vote sensibly or logically, and they don’t give a flying fuck about supporting women’s rights or female candidates.

You want the real truth? An African-American actor friend said this to me a couple of decades ago, and if he were to post this on Twitter he’d be ripped apart by wild dogs: “Many women will bow down to the conqueror.”

From Goldie Taylor‘s “Dear White Lady, What Are You Doing to Us?“, posted on 11.8:

“If we’re going to be sisters, the first rule has to be: Do no harm. [But when you elected] Trump to the White House, you broke that rule. Now, I figured that after nearly two years of this debacle on Pennsylvania Avenue that you would see just how wrong you were about him. I thought it might upset you when the president nominated Brett Kavanaugh for a seat on the Supreme Court and stood behind him even after a highly credible alleged victim, or more than one, said Justice Kavanaugh often drank more than his fill and had sexually assaulted them. I assumed it would make your stomach churn to see families separated at the border and children caged for weeks in makeshift camps. I assumed it would only be a matter of time before you abandoned the prospect of a presidential ‘pivot.’

You didn’t.

“You stuck right with him into the midterm elections and, honey, I hate to tell you but this is about as classy as he gets. I’ll leave the “blue wave” talk to a more learned person.

But, by and large, you almost single-handedly sent Ted Cruz (R-Texas) back to the U.S. Senate, elected Ron DeSantis governor of Florida and, if the numbers hold, Brian Kemp will become governor of Georgia. I understand party loyalty and ideological differences, but these are the kinds of men who will do absolutely nothing to tear down the strictures of gender. In fact, they’re damn happy with things just like they are.

“Even so, half of you pulled the lever for DeSantis and Cruz won just under 60 percent of your votes, according to exit polls. I don’t expect you to play gender politics, but I guess I was expecting you to walk away from any candidate — man or woman — who did not loudly and definitively speak up for the rights of women. Imagine my shock when Kemp pulled nearly 80 percent of all white women who voted in the Georgia midterm against a supremely qualified black woman who not only hears you but put that into action.”