Remember when mass murderers had motivations, however dark or twisted or fanatical? Islamic radicals doing the bidding of ISIS (seven such attacks since 2014), racially motivated murders (the 2015 Charleston church massacre), miserable loner shootings (Parkland, Sandy Hook), INCEL shootings (Isla Vista), attempted political assassinations (Gabbie Giffords, Alexandria baseball game shooting), homophobic slayings (the 2016 Orlando massacre), etc.

Then came the first significant mass murder that was completely unmotivated and made no apparent sense to anyone (and still doesn’t) — the 2017 Las Vegas slaughter by Stephen Paddock.

Last night’s Thousand Oaks slaughter was the same kind of thing — carried out by a guy (28 year-old ex Marine Ian David Long) who had no apparent axe to grind, didn’t love ISIS, didn’t hate gays, wasn’t against this or that politician, etc. The victims of both massacres were country-music fans, and in both instances the shooters killed themselves.

This country has become a never-ending horror film. And it’s mainly the nutter conservative gunnies…the crazy right-wingers who feel they have to push back against the libertines, the lefties, the wily pathan, the multicultural hordes and the Godless pagans.