The significant thing about this morning’s Ridgecrest quake was how long it kept going. At first it was a faint nudge, and then a vague two-step shimmy. And then I went into my usual “okay, this is happening, show me what you got” mode. (Quakes don’t upset me because I’m constantly quaking inside — I regard them as interruptions in the ongoing uncertainty and anxiety of day-to-day life.) Then came the soft, semi-serious rolls…”hominah-hominah-hominah.” Then it was over.

If you’d asked me to gauge I would have said 5.8 or 6, tops. They’re saying it was a 6.4. HE rule: If no framed photos fell off the wall, it was no biggie.

Tatyana has vivid memories of the 1986 Vrancea earthquake, which was centered in Romania. She was 12 years old and living in Moldova. (Known at the time as Moldova Soviet Socialist Republic.) That quake killed more than 150 people, injured over 500, and damaged over 50,000 homes.