Anonymous Content’s Michael Sugar tossed me a little tidbit during yesterday’s Spotlight lunch at Craig’s, to wit: Within a year or so an “Academy app” will surface that will allow Academy members to watch all the films in awards contention in high-def, but one that will also be configured so that recording content will be impossible. No more DVDs, no video links…all of that trash-canned.

Some genius whose name Sugar couldn’t remember is working on the Academy app as we speak, he said, but it won’t be available until next year at this time via the new Apple TV (and presumably also via Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire and Android TV streamers).

My requests for follow-up info from Sugar haven’t born fruit so can anyone supplement this information? Has anyone heard of this app, who the developer is, when it might be available (i.e., is Sugar’s info on the money?), which streamers it might be available on (or is it strictly an Apple TV thing?), etc.

DVD screeners are being phased out in press circles (video links are preferred) but they’re still the main way to send movies to Academy and guild members. Once the Academy app is up and running DVDs will really be on the downsize and downswing, especially with the Academy app feeds being high-def and all.