The most interesting aspect of Michael Cieply‘s 3.27 N.Y. Times story about the impending divorce between Paramount and DreamWorks is the photo of Laura Ramsey and Jena Malone in The Ruins (DreamWorks, 4.4), an apparently standard kids-in-peril horror film from director Carter Smith and screenwriter /novelist Scott B. Smith. The subdued lighting and amber tones are intriguing, which is more than you can say for Ceiply’s story about clashing egos.

The IMDB keywords for The Ruins include the following: Severed Leg, Accidental Killing, Tequila, Cell Phone, Mexico, Corpse, Chase Scene, Shower Scene, Surgery Scene, Parasite Underneath Skin, Disturbing, Dance Scene, Vacation, Beach, Shot In The Head, Gore, Knife, Fall From Height, Loss Of Brother, Shot To Death, Pistol, Archeological Dig, Broken Leg, Loss Of Friend, Male Nudity, Female Nudity, Vomit Scene, Bow And Arrow, Stabbed in the Chest, Blood Spatter, Suffocation, Cheating On Boyfriend, Breasts, Self Mutilation, Shot In The Chest, Death, Skeleton, Based On Novel and Twist In The End.