HE reactions to Oliver Stone‘s casting choices on W, his about-to-shoot Dubya drama which will star Josh Brolin. Elizabeth Banks, 34, seems too young to play First Lady Laura Bush, who was just shy of 50 when her husband became the Texas governor and 54 when he was inaugurated as President on 1.20.01. James Cromwell as George H.W. Bush — perfect, but he’ll have to be de-aged. Ellen Burstyn as Barbara Bush — fine.
Finding the right guy to portray Dick Cheney will be a make-or-breaker. It’ll be more of a matter of someone who can get the voice right — “So?” Richard Dreyfuss?
Stone wrote the screenplay with his Wall Street co-writer Stanley Weiser. W “is expected to be ready for distribution possibly by the November presidential elections and certainly before Bush leaves the White House in January,” Variety‘s Michael Fleming wrote yesterday.