The news seeped through yesterday that L.A. Times Envelope editor and reporter Sheigh Crabtree has taken a buyout deal and is off to other pastures. A friend told me last night she hasn’t been around that much over the past couple of weeks. If you’re reading this, Sheigh, I’m sorry for the trauma and hope you land something else soon. But what is there? What in the way of nourishment or mild comfort can be had these days for a first-rate pro with a print history? Damn little, it would seem. But let’s think positively.

Print journalism these days is like the third act of Goodfellas. Every other day you’re Ray Liotta talking to Robert De Niro in front of the diner. Liotta: What happened? De Niro: They whacked him…fucking whacked him. Liotta: Ohhh, God.