Oscar Tea Leaf Reader: I’m telling you right now The Irishman is too much of a downer to win Best Picture. Just put that out of your head.
Hollywood Elsewhere: It’s not a downer — it’s an epic art film that ends with a meditation on aging, dying and the importance of family by showing its absence — by showing the end of a life without a trace of family involved. In its own way, it’s a very pro-family film.
Oscar Tea Leaf Reader: It’s a downer, man.
Hollywood Elsewhere: It’s not! It’s a profound statement…it’s saying “watch out, don’t let your life end like this.”
Oscar Tea Leaf Reader: Most people aren’t gonna get that.
Hollywood Elsewhere: And people don’t measure films by the standards of “upper” or “downer.” What audiences care about is whether or not a sense of justice has prevailed…whether the main character has earned or forsaken a chance at happiness or fulfillment, or has gotten what he or she deserved. The Godfather, Part II ended with a sense of justice…Michael Corleone alone in his Lake Tahoe mansion, shrouded in shadows, only his goons to keep him company. People accepted that as a fair ending.
Oscar Tea Leaf Reader: Not to mention the Netflix thing.
Hollywood Elsewhere: The Irishman never would have happened without Netflix! Academy members need to wake up. Streaming is happening everywhere. All the majors are doing it. Get over yourselves! It’ll never be 1975 again.
Oscar Tea Leaf Reader: Plus Marty’s already won a Best Picture Oscar and Quentin never has.
Hollywood Elsewhere: Maybe that’ll be a factor. And maybe 1917 will sweep in later this month and push everyone aside.
Oscar Tea Leaf Reader: Yeah, maybe, who knows.