I had to return to Tijuana’s Baja Oral Center on Monday to finish up some crown work, so we decided to stay a couple of days at the beachside, reasonably priced Poco Cielo hotel.

It’s about 50 minutes down the coast — just south of Puerto Nuevo, a half-hour north of Enseneda. Loving it all again, especially the fact that everyone down here is relatively relaxed on the pandemic stuff.

We felt badly about leaving Anya, our three-year-old Siamese female, for 48 hours, so we took her along. She didn’t freak out too badly on the way down — she was actually calm and cool for the most part — but she found the exotic air of Mexico alarming. She hugged me (and I her) like a frightened two-year-old child when we first entered the hotel room. She’s fine now. All cats hate travel.

But at least Anya can now say to herself, “I have now seen more than a small pocket of West Hollywood and have settled into a much more colorful realm than some swank hotel in Santa Barbara…I have seen a bit of the world, you bet!”

This part of Mexico is a 3G realm, I’m afraid, although the wifi inside the hotel restaurant is fine.