N.Y. Times staffers representing the BLM chapter of the wokester Khmer Rouge have apparently forced the resignation of poor James Bennet, the Times editorial page editor who approved the publishing of Tom Cotton‘s controversial “Send In The Troops” op-ed, which basically said U.S. troops should be used to stop looters.

BLM supporters were outraged (i.e., “Tom Cotton’s Fascist Op-Ed” by Michelle Goldberg), believing that such a move might endanger the lives of Times employees of color. This led to an intense backlash against the article, and then Bennet himself.

Bennet initially defended his decision as an expression of the op-ed section’s policy of offering a forum for occasionally non-liberal viewpoints. But the wokesters wouldn’t have it. Bennet and exec editor Dean Bacquet soon wimped out, saying that the column shouldn’t have run in the first place because it didn’t meet Times standards blah blah. Wokester standards, they meant.

Update: Bennet has stated that he didn’t read the Cotton piece before it ran. Of all the op-eds he forgot to read this is the one he dropped the ball on? THIS ONE? I find this flabbergasting, too absurd to be true, ice cream cone smashed into forehead, etc.

Back to article: Are wokester progressives turning into fascists? Have they decided that intolerance is the only way to go henceforth?

It would appear that op-ed-wise (and perhaps in other ways), the N.Y. Times is no longer a sensibly liberal, fair-minded, free-speech paper of record, certainly when it comes to issues and opinions that reflect upon people of color and particularly the forces that seem to be either vaguely or unmistakably against humanist social goals, or are vaguely or unmistakably in league with white supremacists and/or separatists, namely Trump Nation and many organs of local law enforcement.

Nobody sensible is arguing against wokester ideals and beliefs (particularly rooting out systemic racism in the nation’s police departments), but who isn’t horrified by cancel-culture fanatics muscling their way into power at the N.Y. Times with the idea of (dare I say it?) rooting out anyone else who might think like James Bennet? And thereby turning the Times into a force for our-way-or-the-highway absolutism?

What is the difference between the BLM Khmer Rouge suppressing op-ed pieces and scorning ideas that are viewed as subversive of or opposed to wokester ideals and…I don’t want to say it because it’ll sound wrong. But we’re basically witnessing the assertion of lefty progressive fascism.