The default definition of net neutrality is more or less “a regulatory determination to protect the even-steven, no-special-priveleges, common-carrier nature of the internet. No big-money interests and corresponding URLs enhancing their position with the public via high-throttle delivery speeds.”

Two and 2/3 years ago Tom Wheeler‘s Federal Communications Commission ruled in favor of net neutrality. The rule took effect on 6.12.15. Now Trump’s FCC chairman Ajit Pai, a Republican flunky who was confirmed only a few weeks ago, has announced an intention to repeal net neutrality at its 12.14.17 meeting. He’s basically shilling for the rich guys, of course. Strong legal challenges will ensue.

Written in May 2014 by N.Y. Times media savant David Carr: “Why should you, as someone who just wants to use the web to surf or watch programming, care whether companies like Netflix and Hulu have to pay companies like Comcast and Verizon to ensure smooth feeds? Well, even though consumers won’t be charged directly for the faster service, we all know where those fee increases will end up landing.”