Now this — this — is first-degree sexual harassment…creepy, leering, odious, manipulative. And just like that, the soothing, intellectually intriguing Charlie Rose interview — a staple of thinking people’s TV-watching habits for the last 26 years — is gone, out the window, poof.

Which isn’t to lament in any way, shape or form the punishment and pushback that Rose is now receiving (he’s just been whacked by CBS), but simply to say “too bad…really a shame.”

Because the PBS Charlie Rose show…well, who knows but how can that continue in this climate? Update: PBS has just cancelled the PBS Charlie Rose hour.

Next to the Washington Post‘s Charlie Rose saga, the Al Franken thing (aggressive kissing during USO sketch rehearsal, sophomoric pretend-boob-grabbing for a photo, alleged ass-fondling at Minnesota state fair) pales by comparison. Rose and Franken may share aspects of a certain older-male-privelege psychology, but 36 former SNL women who worked with Franken in the ’80s have posted a letter stating that “not one of us ever experienced any inappropriate behavior; and mention our sincere appreciation that [Franken] treated each of us with the utmost respect and regard.” Something tells me a similar congregation isn’t going to write a letter supporting Rose.