I have one tiny criticism of Leonardo DiCaprio‘s brilliant performance in The Wolf of Wall Street. Which is really a criticism of Martin Scorsese‘s direction, to be fair about it. I’ve been telling myself it’s not important, but I have to spit it out. In one of the his earliest scenes (included below) DiCaprio’s Jordan Belfort casually mentions all the various drugs he takes to get through the day. In the middle of the shpiel he takes a quick slurp of orange juice and throws the glass in the direction of the shrubbery behind him. (But not far enough — we hear it break upon the pavement.) I just can’t buy tossing the glass. It’s too anarchic, too coarse. A guy like Belfort wouldn’t behave like a zoo gorilla in front of his chauffeur. In front of his drugged-up Stratton-Oakmont pals, perhaps, but not the help. Besides nobody smashes a glass of orange juice in front of their own home on their way to work. It’s a bullshit move.