A couple of websites that post rock-song lyrics don’t understand what the female chorus is singing in Sting‘s “We’ll Be Together.” But I do, and I think it’s genius because it makes up its own and runs with it. Like in The Wizard of Oz, for example, when Ray Bolger‘s scarecrow sings “I’d unravel every riddle / for any individdle / in trouble or in pain.” Or the Cowardly lion rhyming “rhinoceros” and “impoceros.”

The second verse of Sting’s 1987 song goes as follows: “To have you with me I would swim the seven seas / I need you as my guide and my light / My love is a flame that burns in your name / we’ll be together / we’ll be together tonight.”

And then, according to genius.com, the chorus chimes in with “we’ll be together…yeah!”

That’s definitely not what they’re singing. They’re repeating Sting’s love mantra (as in “tell it to her, Gordon…shout it from the rooftops”), but abbreviated. They’re not singing “together” and certainly not “we’ll be together” — way too many syllables. They’re singing “togaahhhh” — as in “together” but with the last four letters abandoned and the middle “e” changed into an “aahh.”

When Sting and the chorus singers were rehearsing, he said “you’ll be repeating my central pledge but three syllables kills it, so just sing ‘togaahhh‘ and give it everything you’ve got.”