Portland’s Hollywood Theatre is advertising a Tuesday, 6.21 showing of “the only known 35mm print of the X-Rated version” of Ken Russell’s The Devils. The question is whether or not this print will contain all of the controversial footage (include the infamous Rape of Christ and Sister-Jeanne-masturbates-with-a-blackened-bone scenes). And will the running time be 107, 108, 109 or 111 minutes? (The latter is the length of the longest-known British version.) I called the Hollywood theatre and spoke to a staffer who said they haven’t yet received the print (it’s being sent from Seattle’s Grand Illusion Cinema), but he’s heard it’s a print that was “sent out by mistake” by Warner Bros. some time ago. That sounded like bullshit to me. I then called the Grand Illusion, but no one picked up. A completely restored version of The Devils (including the risque footage) was allegedly screened at The National Film Theatre in London on 4.23.11. I don’t believe there’s any stateside Devils print, sent out by mistake or whatever, that contains this footage. But if anyone in Portland is planning to attend, I’d appreciate a brief report. Thank you.