In her review of Roger Donaldson‘s The Bank Job, N.Y. Times critic Manohla Dargis has written a flattering graph about costar Saffron Burrows, describing her “Martine” character as “a pulpy femme fatale who’s been sensitively shaded.”

Safron Burrows

Noting her modelling background, Dargis describes Burrows as an “angular, melancholic beauty [who], after making the usual independent rounds — Mike Figgis directed her in his screen adaptation of the Strindberg play Miss Julie — [has] slowly and somewhat unexpectedly emerged as an actress to watch.
“Sadness clings to Ms. Burrows: it hoods her eyes, tugs at her mouth and wraps around her like a gossamer shawl. It gives her mystery and, like the hints of age edging her face, blunts the impact of her beauty, making her character more human and emotionally accessible than she might register otherwise.” Nicely put.