I realize that I’m expected to adore Jonathan Demme‘s Melvin and Howard, but I could never quite manage that. I haven’t seen this amiable, slow-moving American dramedy since the initial release. I recall being more intrigued than head over heels after catching it at the old Magno screening room (now Dolby 88), and being faintly irked by Paul LeMat‘s performance as the kindly, none-too-brilliant Melvin Dummar. (Whom I met at a Manhattan press party, by the way — Dummar, not LeMat.) To be honest the only part I found truly fascinating was the pickup-truck scene between LeMat and Jason Robards‘ Howard Hughes. And of course the refrain ending.

I’d be interested in streaming Melvin and Howard for $3.99 but I can’t see forking over $30 for the Twilight Time Bluray. It falls between the cracks.