I’m thinking of a Career Chiller Top Ten — a rundown of the best actors and actresses of the last 15 or 20 years whose careers suddenly stalled for no apparent reason. Their talent didn’t evaporate, they didn’t get fat, they didn’t get pinched for child molesting…but the wheels just stopped turning. This happened to poor Ned Beatty for a while over, I was told, an inside-the-industry sensitivity issue. John Travolta went cold for a while, of course, but that was mostly over lousy choices and the curse of Jonathan Krane . Whatever happened to Shelley Long? Bridget Fonda? Bijou Phillijps? With every career freeze, there’s always a political story that goes with it. Send these along too, if anyone can think of any good ones. The best, of course, are the ones that end with the actor getting back in the groove and finding work again.