Another 3-Disc Apocalypse Now DVD Story: “That Circuit City third-disc Complete Dossier deal was advertised here in a flyer that appeared in the Philadelphia area, which is why I went to Circuit City to get it, not to mention the fact that their $12.99 price beat out Best Buy’s $14.99,” writes Feeling Lucky in Philadelpha.

“So I showed up early and scanned the displayed copies. None of them had any identifying markers on them, so I assumed they all came with the extra disc. But while I was doing this, I noticed a Circuit City employee going through the stock copies on the bottom rack and comparing them. Then he pulls one from stock and disappears. I grabbed a display copy from the rack (you’d think I would have taken a moment to check the stock copies like the clerk), bought it, headed home, opened it up and found no extra disc inside, so I turned right around and head back to the store.
“I asked the clerk I’d seen rummaging through the stock copies why mine didn’t have the extra advertised disc. ‘Uhm, did it have a sticker on it?’ he asks, at which point I notice the stickered copy he’d pulled for himself on the counter. He walked me over and explained that they’d only gotten 3 or 4 copies with the sticker, and then he searched through the stock copies and gets me one.
“Even though he pulled only one copy for himself, it still felt like he’d intentionally jobbed all the stickered copies into the stock section where no one would look. Was he still making up his mind about how many to hoard? Who knows? But I can tell you that they did advertise the damn thing and I thought it was awfully strange that out of the 20 copies or so available, first day mind you, only three or four had the advertised extra disc.”