M. Night Shyamalan‘s Old (Universal 7.23) will be good. I’m convinced it’s not a burn.

The Alan Ladd-sized Gael Garcia Bernal is still too short to be married to Vicky Krieps in a movie, at least without their size disparity being a distraction. But I’m sure Shyamalan framed their two-shots carefully or had Bernal wear “lifts” or stand on milk boxes or whatever it took.

I don’t have a “problem” with taller female partners, but it’s relatively rare, and therefore I wouldn’t cast a noticably taller woman with a shrimpy significant other. (Krieps is 5’9′, Bernal 5’6″.) Because it’s visually unusual in real life.

Every pain-in-the-ass contrarian HE regular knows this to be true, and yet they insisted otherwise on 3.16.21.

A 2013 poll found that among couples women were taller than male partners about 4 percent of the time. Guys were therefore…are you sitting down?…the same height or taller among 96 percent of those polled.