For what it’s worth episode #2 (“Fathers”) of Mare of Easttown felt more engaging. I felt myself giving into the limited series, the mucky rural Pennsylvania milieu aside. I forgot that I’m not much of a Winslet fan. Her character’s limp stopped bothering me. I got used to the town and the natives, and now I’m looking forward to episode #3 (“Enter Number Two”). I’m down for the entire run.

HE to Guy Pearce’s Richard Ryan character: If you invite a woman whom you’re involved with to a book-signing event, you immediately engage when she enters the book store. Offer greetings, take her coat, get her a drink, thank her for coming and invite her to take part in the discussion that was underway when she arrived. You never just wave and go right back to talking to fans who want you to sign their book copy, and then come over to her 10 or 15 minutes later.