“Where Tyrannosaur‘s Peter Mullan has previous experience in playing self-destructive types (i.e., My Name Is Joe), Olivia Colman has a dramatic blank slate — and she smashes it. Best known for her Peep Show persona, Colman is the most disarming of presences — an outwardly jolly woman who hides a well of sadness within her. [Director] Paddy Considine‘s punishing close-ups frequently see her friendly veneer wobble; the mask slips, the voice breaks, the eyes well up.

“She gives a heartbreaking performance, swathed in sorrow, free of grandstanding and full of nuance. There’s no doubt it’s worthy of awards. I simply have no idea where it came from – it’s a bit like discovering the guy who plays Super Hans has won the Nobel Peace Prize.” — from Ali’s 10.5 review of Tyrannosaur on theshiznit.co.uk.