May I respectfully suggest that Awards Daily‘s Ryan Adams was being either careless or disingenuous last Friday when he posted a “Best Actress Watch” (still, mini-synopsis, trailer) about Kristen Stewart‘s generally admired performance in Camp X-Ray? I remarked the same day that this plus Stewart’s deservedly praised turn in Clouds of Sils Maria have made 2014 “a kind of breakout year” for her. But neither will draw the kind of heat that will even begin to generate a conversation, much less serious enthusiasm, about a Best Actress nomination. Forget it — it’s not in the cards. If you’re going to use the term “Best Actress Watch,” use it earnestly.

“The problem (and I’m not deriving any pleasure from saying this) is that both Camp X-Ray and Clouds of Sils Maria are stiffs. Solemn and serious-minded but snail-paced, psychologically claustrophobic. I’m sorry but Stewart’s challenge is to deliver a first-rate performance in a film people might actually want to see.” — from my 8.8 post called “Long Is The Way, and Hard.”

Now watch Adams come after me with bared fangs. Don’t kid yourself — he might hand out neckrubs to would-be Oscar contenders but the guy is a real pitbull. Update: Adams’ editor Sasha Stone says she posted the “Best Actress Watch” headline. Adams will probably come after me anyway. He loves to growl and snarl and snap.