Update: A Magnolia Pictures staffer told me yesterday there was a long-jead journo screening in Manhattan two days ago for Brian De Palma‘s Redacted. That was wrong, I’ve now been told — the screening was “for some festival committees.” I asked to speak directly to Magnolia Pictures chief Eammon Bowles about this but he never returned the call, so I accepted the word of an underling.

Redacted only wrapped about three months ago, but it will play in Toronto in September and open in the fall. A DePalma fan site has quoted a “source” who saw the HD-shot film, and the short verdict is that this “Rashomon-style series of video diaries based on a single incident between American soldiers and Iraqi citizenry” is “very good.”
The video diaries come from several sources, including an American soldier, an Iraqi, and a terrorist website, among others.” The source adds that the film is “intense” and “very affecting,” and that “it feels like the work of a young man.”