Yes, the reason that Suicide Squad suffered a steep 67% drop on its second weekend is that the second half stinks. Nonetheless a lot of people went to see it, suckage and all. Because some degree of suckitude is presumed from the get-go, especially from the hapless Warner Bros. Right now the worldwide tally is around $465 million with a domestic tally of $222,874,728 + $242.5 million foreign.” If it ends up with $500 or $525 million worldwide, will it be in profit? That 8.3 Kim Masters story in The Hollywood Reporter claimed that Suicide Squad, which cost $175 million to make and a pretty penny to market, has “got to do $750 million, $800 million to break even.” On 8.10’s Brian Byrd asked Edward Jay Epstein, author of “The Big Picture” (’00) and “The Hollywood Economist” (’10). “If the film grosses $500 million [domestic], the distributor gets $275 million minus advertising and other distribution,” Epstein replied. “[Those costs are] about $75 million. So it has at least $200 million foreign plus a back end (which will be huge). Ergo, it will be profitable.”