For whatever reason, The Hollywood Reporter has apparently decided to totally ignore the Nate Parker Penn State thing. News cycles on any given story last 48 to 72 hours, at most, but when was the last time that both Variety and Deadline ran with the same incendiary award-season saga, complete with first-hand quotes and major inside-baseball racial reverberations, that the Reporter completely looked the other way on? I’ve said a couple of times that the 1999 Penn State incident is an old sideline story that has no bearing on Parker’s and Fox Searchlight’s The Birth of the Nation, which will launch its fall campaign on Friday, 9.9, at the Toronto Film Festival. It appears as if Reporter management feels the same way, but it’s nonetheless extremely odd that THR‘s award-season columnist Scott Feinberg hasn’t written a single word about it. Today Variety‘s Ramin Setoodeh and Brent Lang ran a follow-up marketing story, asking if Fox Searchlight would be amending its Birth of a Nation campaign strategy in lieu of the Parker hoo-hah. But it seems to be levelling off and perhaps going away right now, due to the combination of the Reporter‘s hands-off attitude plus there being nowhere for the story to advance or develop.