From the very start the basic drill has been that Emmanuel “Chivo” Lubezki was capturing The Revenant with entirely natural light via the Alexa 65, and now here are posters that don’t reflect that aesthetic, that contain digital tweaking. I understand the ad agency wanting to throw in a few strands of red to give a little accent to the grayness — it looks nice — but it violates Chivo’s aesthetic. No, it doesn’t look like campfire light — it looks like digitally simulated campfire light. These are just movie-star portrait posters looking to appeal to the none-too-hips who are still saying “oh, what’s this about? And who’s in it again?” If 20th Century Fox wanted to be reach out to serious hipsters (which of course they don’t), they would create a Phase Two chokehold poster. That image of Tom Hardy headlocking Alejandro G. Inarritu has something.