An 11.2 Wired piece by Charley Locke is called “The Coolest James Bond Posters You’ve Never Seen.” It’s taken from a recently published coffee-table book that profiles international posters for James Bond films going back 50-plus years. But the front-page poster for Dr. No (’62), used for a Japanese re-release of that film that happened a decade later, is completely uncool for two reasons. The image of Sean Connery is obviously from Goldfinger (made two years after Dr. No, by which point Connery had begun to put on a little weight and wear a rug that really looked like a rug), and the music sheet should be for Monty Norman‘s “Underneath The Mango Tree.” It looks like a fan poster made by someone who isn’t very hip. One could logically conclude that Locke and his Wired editors didn’t even spot these two wrongos.

Incidentally: As I was in Washington when the first Los Angeles Spectre all-media screening happened last Monday I’ll be seeing it this evening at the Grove. A guy I spoke to called it (a) good but not great, (b) a bit morose — lacks that rib-tickly, contact-high quality (HE response: Sam Mendes doesn’t do rib-tickly), and (c) Christoph Waltz‘s jaded villain thing is played out.