The best interviews in which both participants are filmmakers (or significant contributors to films) are those in which (a) there’s a very slight vibe of contention or aesthetic disagreement between them, such as the famous Steven Soderbergh-Lem Dobbs commentary on the Limey DVD, or (b) the interviewer admires the interviewee but not to a degree that he’s unable or unwilling to ask serious probing questions, like Soderbergh interviewing Mike Nichols on the Catch 22 DVD.

No offense, but the worst kind happen when the interviewer is obsequious and possibly favor-seeking, or is at least looking to avoid any question or remark that might persuade the subject not to hire him down the road.

This interview between JJ Abrams (Super 8, Star Trek, MI3) and composer Michael Giacchino (Lost, Up, The Incredibles, Star Trek, Let Me In) happened on June 12th at the Hammer Museum. Almost a month ago, and it’s only just now being posted? Lazy.