Even the notoriously scowly, Resurrecting The Champ-hating Devin Faraci has to admit that this new Straw Dogs poster is an improvement over the previous attempt, which was revealed on 6.14. I didn’t have a big problem with version #1 because it basically replicated the original 1971 poster while adding a slogan (which I could have done without) and a small insert of the face of Alexander Skarsgard, who plays James Marsden‘s nemesis, within the broken glasses.

(l.) Version #1, revealed on 6.19; (r.) Version #2, revealed today.

But the new version is better, I’m now realizing, because it (a) removes the amber color element inside the shattered lens, (b) makes Skarsgard into a much more subtle (and therefore creepier) presence while adding Marsden’s openly glaring eye, which was absent in version #1, and (c) gets rid of the chunks of broken glass that were previously stuck to Marsden’s cheek (and which were also stuck to Dustin Hoffman’s cheek in the original).