J.C. Chandor, arguably the finest auteur-level director to have broken through over the last decade and the proud helmer of Margin Call (’11), All Is Lost (13), A Most Violent Year (’14) and last year’s Triple Frontier (about half of which I regard as almost on the level of Treasure of the Sierra Madre)…J.C. Chandor “is in talks” to direct Sony’s Kraven the Hunter, a fucking Spider-Man spinoff based on a nearly 60-year-old Marvel property.

I was crushed when I read Justin Kroll‘s Deadline story. This is almost like Francis Coppola, fresh off Apocalypse Now and One From The Heart, bumping aside Richard Donner to direct Superman II. It’s obviously tough out there and we all have bills to pay, but my God, how depressing.

When I need a little pick-me-up I watch YouTube clips of Margin Call…particularly that Jeremy Irons staff meeting scene. All Is Lost is one of the greatest sea-survival tales ever filmed, and a platform for one of Robert Redford‘s finest performances. I was planning on watching Triple Frontier again because parts of it are so damn good. I never liked Bradford Young‘s cinematography for A Most Violent Year, but the film itself is excellent. Yes, I realize it lost money but still.