Let Him Go (Focus Features, 11.6) is obviously a neo-western genre piece, but it’s going to be good. The director-writer is the skilled and exacting Thomas Bezucha (The Family Stone, Big Eden) and…I don’t know but you can just tell.

Kevin Costner and Diane Lane are the good guys, and the demons are played by…well, at least Lesley Manville, Will Brittain and Jeffrey Donovan.

Boilerplate: Based on based on Larry Watson‘s same-titled 2014 novel, a semi-violent saga about a retired married couple (Costner, Lane) trying to see to the well-being of their grandson in the wake of their son’s untimely death.

They discover that their grandson is now under the care of a notorious crime family led by an icy matriarch (Manville) who smokes at the dinner table. Things eventually turn violent, etc.