Hollywood Interrupted‘s Mark Ebner is claiming that People magazine “recently buried” a rare investigative piece featuring shocking interviews with three women claiming that Bill Cosby “earned their trust, then sexually assaulted them,” but because the story was hidden in all the fluff that drives celebrity magazine sales, Cosby-as-serial sexual-abuser is still essentially a non-story.”
The ever-dogged Ebner, who dug into Cosby’s history while working for the Bonnie Fuller tabs, goes on to make his case that Cosby has been drugging and in some cases having his way with women for a fairly long time. I usually stay far away from stories of this kind, but I happen to be personally acquainted with a woman who told me (and eventually Ebner, whom I introduced her to) that she had an unwanted (i.e. forced) sexual encounter with Cosby in ’69. And I believe her.
The interesting thing here is how and why People bailed on this story, if in fact this happened. (I’ve inquired with a friend in People‘s West Coast office; maybe I’ll hear something back.) Cosby doesn’t even turn up when you do a search on their site.
Prior to Ebner’s story the strongest Cosby impression I’ve had over the last few years has been Jack Black‘s put-down of a sweater John Cusack wears in the first 20 minutes of High Fidelity: “It’s a Cosby sweater…a Cosby sweater!”