It was amusing to read over the weekend that the guy who stole Lupita Nyong’o‘s allegedly-super-expensive ($150K), allegedly all-pearl dress from the London West Hollywood hotel last Wednesday had returned it on Friday after being told by a jewelry appraiser that that the pearls were phony. The thief then called TMZ to announce the return and to complain about “Hollywood’s fake bullshit.” After which a source connected with Calvin Klein’s Francisco Costas said to TMZ, “Did anyone ever say they were real from Calvin Klein? I always assumed everyone knew they were fake, but I guess not.” I’m mentioning this because it seems curious that a story filed late Friday night (2.27 at 9:31 pm) by Vanity‘s Julie Miller doesn’t even mention the fake-pearl angle despite the Guardian having filed a story an hour later (10:35 pm) that led with that apparent fact. All Miller wrote was that “the sheriff’s department has confirmed to Fox LA that the gown returned was indeed the same dress worn by Nyong’o on Oscar night, but has not confirmed any of the additional details reported by TMZ.” It’s now a bit after 4 pm in New York. Miller couldn’t re-research and file an update?