Avengers: Age of Ultron star Robert Downey, Jr. is trying to raise money for Julia’s House, a children’s hospice located in Dorset, by persuading fans to drop $10 on a chance at a lottery drawing that will result, if they win, in “the best night of your life…on earth…yet.” Hanging out at a pre-premiere party with Downey, being specially fitted for a tuxedo or dress, riding in a chopper over the Hollywood sign, etc. In the video Downey makes the pitch with his usual arch speaking manner, but he nonetheless conveys a sincere tone of condescension. Translation: “I don’t know what kind of nocturnal fun you guys get into, but I’m presuming it’s the usual stuff…movie-watching, bar-hopping, an occasional camping trip or a weekend in Vegas or Cancun. Well, for once in your life you can have some real fun by hanging in my orbit, and I’ll even consent to chat with you for four or five minutes at the party. You’ve never had this kind of experience before and after it’s over, you’ll probably never taste it again. Because you’re living on bum paychecks. But at least you’ll know what it’s like, for one night only, to swagger around in faux-first-class style at the top of the world. But you need to drop $10 to be in the running.” Click here to enter.