I would feel sullied by predicting Golden Globe wins so I didn’t respond to Tom O’Neil‘s queries about same. (Sorry, Tom!) But you don’t need to be Jimmy the Greek to realize than since The King’s Speech got the most Golden Globe nominations that it may be favored to win the awards for Best Drama and Best Actor (i.e., Colin Firth). That’s what a lot of the journalists who did respond (Pete Hammond, Dave Karger, Michael Musto, Steve Pond, Kris Tapley, Anne Thompson, et. al.) are expecting. Visionaries.

But of course the HFPA knows what most Academy members are also realizing, which is that championing The King’s Speech, well crafted as it is, will bestow the faint aroma of old-fartism upon their organization, and if they want to project a more youthful, forward-looking, 21st Century attitude they’ll want to go with The Social Network or The Fighter. O’Neil, Cinematical‘s Erik Davis, Film Experience‘s Nathaniel Rogers and Fandango‘s Chuck Walton are Network guys; USA Today‘s Suzie Woz and In Contention‘s Guy Lodge are Fighter fans.