I don’t want to oversimplify but for the most part men and women who’ve been around the block tend to feel differently about ex-lovers. Once a relationship has come to an end and two or three months have passed, most guys will look back and say, “Well, that happened!” I for one feel it’s a good policy to be friends with exes if at all possible. No point in holding grudges. I got dumped a year ago and what of it? Let it go, move on. And yet many women, I’ve noticed, will say “oh, my God, what was I thinking?….why did I see in that fucking psycho? I’m thinking of moving to another city to increase the distance between us…maybe I need to post a notice on Facebook to spare other women the same nightmare…well, at least I’ve learned my lesson.” But if you had met this woman while she was still going out with the ex-boyfriend, she would be all mellow and smooth and comme ci comme ca with the guy. Everything would be cool or no biggie. To most…okay, to many women past relationships that didn’t work out are a blot on their souls…a huge mistake. They seethe about them for years, decades.