“And what’s with Michael Keaton‘s non-stop running around with white Fruit of the Loom underwear, at least as far as this trailer is concerned? In my eyes Fruit of the Loom is pretty close to gold-toe socks in terms of aesthetic offense. The world of men’s underwear is pretty cool these days. I personally lean toward slim boxer underwear with a button-snap fly. Nobody with a shred of taste or self-respect wears Fruit of the Loom briefs, least of all anyone allowing for the possibility that they might wear them in public.” — from a 7.31.14 HE riff on a Birdman trailer.

“When it came to shooting a scene in which Keaton must walk (or rather, run) through Times Square in his underwear, costume designer Albert Wolsky put his foot down. ‘Michael would have preferred boxer shorts, but I felt very strongly that they had to be old-fashioned jockey shorts or BVDs,’ he said. ‘Otherwise he’s not vulnerable enough.'” — from 12.2 N.Y. Times “Carpetbagger” posting by Rachel Lee Harris.

Also: “’That was the last scene we shot and Michael dreaded it naturally enough,’ Wolsey added. ‘Setting up for it, I thought, what’s the worry? There’s a naked cowboy right there, nobody’s going to notice him. Inarritu wouldn’t have dreamed of asking him to do it over, but after he watched it on the monitor, Michael said, ‘I’d like to try it again.’ He thought he could do it better and that’s where he had me. I thought, what an extraordinary man. This is his movie.”