Fact #1: Joe Wright‘s Hanna came in second last weekend behind Hop, but it was the most popular new film with $12.4 million, edging out out third-place Arthur by $200,000.

Fact #2: CinemaScore polling gave Hanna a C-plus (which is a fairly shitty grade as CinemaScore respondents tend to err on the side of politeness and noblesse oblige) and Arthur a B.

Fact #3: Hanna‘s Saturday-to-Sunday earnings dropped 37% for a $3.2 million haul while Arthur fell 46% over the same two-day period, bringing in $2.7 million on Sunday.

How does that work exactly? What kind of Harvard Law School graduate do you have to be to give the obviously high-throttle, high-style and super-confident Hanna a C-plus (or roughly a grade in the mid to high 70s, to go by high-school testing standards) while giving the tepid Arthur a mid-range B (which means about an 87)? And how do those sentiments turn around and result in Hanna earning $500,000 more than Arthur on Sunday?

What is it exactly that people are finding offensive about Hanna? Obviously a significant number of moviegoers have a problem with it. But regarding what?