I missed the boat last night after the second and final Presidential debate ended. I decided to watch a press-stream of Borat 2, I mean, rather than tap out impressions of Biden vs. Trump. After the film ended I felt compelled to post about (a) Rudy Giuliani’s ready-and-willing hotel room behavior near the end of Sacha Baron Cohen‘s film, and then (b) Mitch McConnell’s greenish-purple-gray right hand along with those lip splotches.

The angel sitting on my right shoulder said “you should post your debate views before you nod out” while the devil on my left shoulder said “naahh, tomorrow morning.” And then I twittered myself to sleep while reclining on my dark blue, non-deluxe IKEA sofa.

HE sez Donald Trump is going to lose the 11.3 election, the final results of which may take days or even weeks to completely tally. Last night’s debate was last night’s debate, but the dynamic of the race hasn’t changed and this bloated, deluded, intemperate, full-of-shit Queens real-estate hustler is more or less toast.

Do I wish that Joe Biden had been as sharp last night as, say, Dave Chappelle or Bill Maher or Chris Rock might have been as he rebutted Trump’s bullshit? Sure, of course, but that kind of Douglas Fairbanks-like swordsmanship isn’t in him. He was never a brilliant debater to begin with, and now he’s 78…c’mon, man.

But Biden did convey the fact that apart from the usual evasions and half-truths that all politicians exude from time to time, he’s a steadier, calmer and more honorable man than Trump any day of the week. More practical and measured, etc. Plus he believes in science.

Behavior-wise Trump held himself in check while lying his ass off. He projected a certain steady manner while spewing one poisonous fabrication after another. Covid-wise, his shpiel seemed to boil down to (a) “we can’t submit to the pandemic…I took Regeneron, Remdesivir and Dexamethasone and I was fine after a few days…everyone needs to do the same!” plus (b) “we are rounding the turn” on Covid cases nationwide even as infections are spiking big-time from the dreaded second wave. Plus the Abraham Lincoln comedy routine (“I’m the least racist person on this stage”) and all the other brown-torpedo diversions…don’t get me started.

The New Yorker‘s John Cassidy: “No one would say Biden is the most dynamic of candidates. But, with less than two weeks to go until November 3rd, his candidacy seems to offer a way out of the morass. For that, many Americans will forgive him a great deal — and do all they can to carry him across the finish line.”

The election is 12 days off. 11 days and a wake-up. Everyone just needs to hold steady and true and keep calm, and the right outcome (i.e., the thing that God in Heaven would be rooting for if He existed) will almost certainly happen.